Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our New Friend Ursula

Apparently Lee had been thinking about getting an RV for a long time. He did look at Craigslist a lot. Even visited a couple. He realized he could afford a used one. Did he want a trailer? No, the truck is too wimpy to pull one so he'd need a new truck. Did he want a van conversion? Yes, if it met Suna's conditions. He had to see...

He went to the RV Outlet Mall (caution! link plays music--not a modern website!) in Georgetown and looked at RVs. He imagined the possibilities. He brought Suna back the next day and they looked at all the used and new models there.

One matched all Suna's requirements. Ursula. She wasn't too plain and she wasn't too fancy. She wasn't too small and yeah, she was big, but they make them bigger. She is a 2005 Damon Ultrasport. Diesel. Truck chassis. Lee likes to drive trucks and even has the right license. So, OK.

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