Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We didn't go anywhere in Ursula last week, but we did think of her, lounging away in her covered parking spot.

We went to Target to buy a new scale. I guess every 20 years or so, you need to get one. However, many other things were purchased, since Lee and I both thought of things we needed to get for Ursula. It's interesting how more and more necessities pop up as time goes on--I see how people's campers get all filled up!

So here are a few of the things we got.
Happy Li'l Lights

First, if you have ever seen people with campers out camping, you will know that they love to string up lights. Now, I'm no follower (did you know I never read the Harry Potter series because everyone else was doing it?), but I do think the lights look cheerful. And maybe they chase away bears, who knows. So, we got two of these strands of solar metal lights. If we get there  before the sun goes down, we should be able to have them even on the first night of a trip. If not, they will surely work the second and subsequent days! They had a lot of different styles. Each light is a nice size, and I think they will look nice hanging off the awning, if we ever go anywhere that the wind isn't too strong.

And if the lights don't get charged up we also got a lantern. It's a Coleman CPX 6 LED lantern, in case you are curious. We really need that for safety if we have no power for some reason or have to go to the restroom in a park. We got the one we did because it could sit, strap onto something, or hang. Seems versatile. We can use it if we have a picnic table or shelter wherever we go.

We also got two queen sized pillows, which can serve dual purposes. Most of the time, they can fill out the shams that came with the bed covering. But, when we have guests (which we hope to have on out next camping trip!) they can be bed pillows for them. We have lots of sheets and pillowcases so that will not be a problem! You can never have too many pillows. And they sure don't charge much for simple pillows at Target. These were $6 each, and they had even cheaper ones. Of course, they won't be as comfy as my fancy schmancy Sleep Number pillow with memory foam core. Most likely they are just as comfy, actually.

And finally we got a replacement for the kitchen rug that only got used on one trip before becoming embedded with deadly shards of Corelle Ware. The poor kitchen mat bore the brunt of the falling dishes, which I guess is good--the hardwood floor didn't get all dented. The first one had wine glasses, but we got a big ole rooster this time (no photo yet). I got the kind that is cushiony plastic, because those are a lot easier on your feet when you are standing there washing a lot of dishes.Of course washing dishes is FUN on a trip when you have a lovely view out the window!

My view out the window will be Lee's dad's cattle this weekend. We are spending the long weekend hanging out with Lee's dad and hoping to convince him he DOES want treatment for his condition. It's a hard decision at 88, I guess. We can cook stuff, hang out, go look at nature, and visit with family. That will be just fine and relaxing. I will try to finish my knitting!

I am making reservations to go somewhere park-like next time, though. I hope a friend comes with us.

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