Monday, October 3, 2011

Stillhouse Hollow Lake Revisited (Part 2)

Suna: I didn't see this post with all the nice photos that Lee had started. Sorry, Lee. So, here is more from the trip I just blogged.

We arrived in time to make camp and see the sun set on Friday night.
Just sitting and watching the lake at night was enough to drain the stress of a month.

Here's a shocker:
Suna and Lee seldom have their pictures taken together on these trips because someone has to hold the camera. But Lee bought a tripod last time Ursula lumbered and here they are together!

Love the bird photos!
Lee startled this guy while trying to get close enough to photograph a deer who was keeping cool by wading in the lake. That shot did not pan out.

This is the heron, but we could see the ospreys just as close as this!
Sure was a lot of fun watching these guys hunt!

Ignore the poor dying tree.
This guy came to visit our side of the inlet.

We heard the killdeer more than we saw them, on this campsite, but we did see at least one!
This coy little [bird] wasn’t too shy for a picture.

Shocking! I am wearing a long-sleeved shirt for the first time since March, I am sure.
Suna wants Lee to look at something. What could it be?

Poor dry lake.
Did we mention there is a drought going on?
See the new plants growing in what is usually a lake bed.

The poor heron got splashed a lot from here!
There was a strong wind all Saturday night, and it continued Sunday morning.
See the whitecaps that occasionally splashed our friend standing on his growing peninsula.

Thank you, Lee, for such nice photos that I could probably have integrated with the other post if I hadn't been in a hurry. I hope some readers read this and also enjoy it!

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