Monday, November 14, 2011

More Non-Ursula Travel

In the last post, Suna mentioned that I traveled to Yorktown this weekend without Suna and Ursula. I posted the results in my personal blog since they are more related to Dad, his struggle with cancer, and things that happened on the farm—and it wasn’t a pleasure trip in Ursula.

If you’re interested (there are lots of pictures posted there), here are the links:

  • I arrived in time to check Dad out of the hospital, see his new tractor delivered, fight a fire, and check him back in to the hospital.
  • Chris and I brought Dad back home. Then we all fell over.
  • Chris and I hung two gates, planted fence posts, and rescued a bunny.
  • The test results show Dad is doing much better than we had originally been lead to believe.

This wouldn’t be an Ursula post without a picture, so here’s one now:

Dad admires his new tractor.

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  1. The post on Lee's blog have me all scared all over again. I sure am glad they are OK.