Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Rambling

We volunteered to go to the Farm in Yorktown at Christmas so that Chris could be with his family. The first thing that entailed was taking Ursula out of the shop, where she had been having things looked at. Unfortunately, the water leak has NOT been fixed. Dang it.

Second, we had to do the family Christmas gifts and all that. We did it Christmas Eve morning, which was very nice. We got to be as leisurely as always, and because it was Christmas Eve, Leigh could join us. Winners all around!

The good thing is that the kids came with us for the first time since Ursula showed up. It was very pleasant having them around, though I wish we had remembered to tell them to remove the couch cushions for more comfortable sleeping!

The trip was rather unpleasant, thanks to a cold and persistent rain (on the other hand, hooray--it has rained a good amount this month!). Here is the rain, and a dim image of my new red cowboy boots I got for Christmas!
My boot and scenic US 183 construction
When we got there, we could not park in the usual spot--it was way too soaked. So, Chris helped us back into the driveway. It was a little mucky, but we made it. It was nice to visit with him (and Gaylene) before they left.

I prepared meals for the weekend ahead of time, knowing Ernest Sr. does not have an oven, and knowing that Ursula's oven is tiny. For Christmas I got a spiral slice ham, which could be eaten cold, and made really fancy mashed potatoes that I could reheat. I also cooked fresh spinach. For Christmas Eve I made my favorite baked pasta dish, but used a sauce with eggplant in it. It was really good.

First thing we did (after mourning the passing of #10 and the Friendly Calf) was to check on Bun Bun. Looking good, little bunny!
Bun Bun looking forward to the delicious fancy lettuce and spinach we would give him or her later.
After watching everyone eat tons of pasta (Kynan had 3 helpings, and Lee and his dad both had seconds), the kids played some music on their instruments. It was so good (it's on YouTube and if you haven't seen it already, here it is), considering they really hadn't played together much before. They played a number of songs and practices switching off solos. I sure hope they do more of it, and that Lee will join them some. He had left his acoustic bass in Ursula and didn't want to go back out in the rain to get it.
Jamming in the kitchen
I know Lee's dad really enjoyed the music. He also remarked more than once about the hat I had finished making for Kynan.
Easy Hat I Made
So, I asked him if he wanted one too, and he said he did. I got to knitting, and before we went home, Ernest Sr. had one just like Kynan's! I knit it listening to specials on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and St. Olaf choirs.
Hat for Lee's Dad!
It was nice having Ursula to retire to after Ernest was ready for bed around 7 pm! We watched movies and chatted quite nicely. It sure is nice having mature, adult but fun kids. I think spending a lot of time with my kids was the highlight of this holiday season. I really enjoy them.

On Christmas we were very low key, but the food went over well.  We gave Ernest some German foods and he broke right into them. He did eat well over the weekend. We watched football until I think the kids were going to explode. favorite player from the kids' high school years who is also a rookie (Aaron AJ Williams) intercepted Tim Tebow. A Christmas gift for me. Sorry to digress into football. It must be a sign my blog entry is done.

The trip home was a lot easier than the trip to Yorktown. We had a lot of good conversation and arrived all happy. Hooray! Ursula goes back out this weekend...stay tuned!

Lessons Learned:

  • Tell your guests how to make the couch into a bed, or they may be uncomfortable.
  • Mud is not fun in an RV.
  • Competent RV repair people may be difficult to locate.

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