Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lee Returns to Ursula

Here’s Chris in one of his more photogenic moods.

When last we left Ursula, she was sitting at Da Farm while Suna and I drove away in Chris’s black Dodge truck. That way she would be there today when I arrived, and I wouldn’t have to buy so much fuel for the quick turnaround. That bit apparently taxed the limits of my ability to plan ahead, and I didn’t think to go get Chris’s truck from Ursula’s house at the Georgetown Docks yesterday afternoon. (She has a new, longer berth that does not put her nose into the Westering sun.) So, I had to go about 45 minutes the wrong direction after work today.

That bit of unplanning was not so much of a bad thing. It meant I got to have dinner one more time with Suna before spending a few days baching it with Ursula.

I got to the Da Farm about 22:30 and found her waiting in the same spot where we had left her—at the same angle…nose down and butt to the sun. Chris had turned down the AC for me, so her insides were cool and comfortable if slanted.

I called Suna to let her know I had arrived safely, downed a nightcap, and climbed into Ursula’s butt to go to bed. The last time I had to sleep on an angle like this, the old lumpy mattress buttressed me so that I didn’t constantly feel as if I were rolling out of bed. The new mattress is much too comfortable to keep you from rolling to the floor if you’re world is aslant. So I made a wall of 10,000 pillows and drifted off to Nod.

I spent Wednesday at the hospital with Dad and family. That was the reason for leaving Ursula at the farm and for this trip down to pick her up. I won’t bore you with the details. But if you want to be bored, you can find the details here.

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