Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ursula Has MORE Repair Time

As you know, Ursula has a broken window and one malfunctioning air conditioning unit. So, she sat in our neighborhood last week (I am glad the person directly across the street from where we parked her was mostly out of town) and our plan was to take her to get fixed on Saturday, with plenty of time for our other errands.

But, of course the RV Deities had other plans. I drove on out to the scenic (not) RV Outlet Mall, where we got her, to wait for Lee, who was going to the dump station to empty her bilge water or whatever you call it. Black water, that's it. Poop-n-pee. I was wandering around looking at fancy Fifth Wheel Trailers when the bad news came. All the Corps of Engineers parks' sewage dump stations were closed because they had too high levels of something or another. Oops. So, Lee found a KOA Kampground (I think they banned the letter "c" or something), and headed off that way. I was glad I brought my knitting.

I chatted with various staff people and customers, and knitted a lot. Eventually, Lee actually WAS able to accomplish his mission, though at a much higher cost than at a Corps park! We sure can't wait until the ranch has a sewage system with a special outlet, just for Ursula.

We found out the A/C unit is covered by our extended warranty. Yay. The window is not, but we figured that. Everyone I talked to had experienced the evils of rocks or birds hitting windows. The next bit of bad news was that there is a two week wait to even get her looked at. Well. Swell. At least we can take her out of the waiting area to go to the beach if she isn't finished by then. But we might be a tad warm. Luckily there are breezes at the beach.

We are also getting the sliding doors in the closets and the bedroom fixed, and a couple of other small things. Yes, I do know the meaning of the term "money pit," but we do enjoy having her around!

I will post updates when available!

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