Monday, November 12, 2012

Where Has She Been?

Wondering where Ursula has been lately? Well, she was in the shop a LONG time, but now has a fancy new air conditioner in the rear of the cabin, a fixed closet door, and a nice new TV antenna.

Suna spent three weeks in Canada, and had to leave Ursula at home then. She saw bright lights and lovely scenery.
That is the CN Tower in Toronto, as seen from Suna's hotel room.

And yes, this is the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Pretty!
Once Suna got back, thousands of church/music events and other interruptions prevented going much of anywhere in October, though Ursula did rumble back to the farm when Lee's dad had his most recent procedure. He now has them every couple of months. They clean him out, give him some chemo, and send him home.

In good news there, Oscar will now let Suna pet him and feed him delicious grass. Lee's dad works with him a lot.

Still World's Cutest Donkey. Only bigger and friendlier.
Not to leave Ursula out, here is an interior shot from Suna's new iPhone, featuring Cowgirl Suna ready to go out partying in Kenedy, Texas.

Suna in Ursula, via Instagram
The good news about this trip is that there were no major malfunctions, just a bit of frustration trying to get the TV up and running. It's ready to go now, though Lee has a plan to put a "sound bar" in it for lovelier sound.

That will be good, because Ursula has her first lengthy trip coming up. And she will even get to leave the state! Stay tuned for Ursula's visit to the desert!

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