Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ursula Leaves the State, Day 10: Sunday, November 25, 2012

I woke up in not-so-scenic Ft. Stockton when the sun rose, about 7, then waited for Lee to get up and take me HOME. Every vacation must come to an end! Unfortunately, he had been having bad dreams and waking up a lot, so he slept another hour and a half. I spent time cleaning mud off the carpet from last night and taking pictures. I had to take one of Ursula while she was still relatively clean!
Clean Ursula! Gleaming in the morning sun of Ft. Stockton.
We were trying to take an alternate route home, but it though it had wind farms, it had no truck stops, so we had to go find a truck stop in Ozona.
Yep, those are windmills.
Now, that was a nasty one, though Ozona itself was a cute town. As I type we are back on the back roads, two hours until home. The highlight of the trip was getting to see some new vistas right after Junction, where we got off the interstate. There were some fun views of the wind farms out there, and a surprising visit to Iran! Well, really it was Iraan, and I think the extra “a” means “America.” It was a typical small, Western town.
Where's the nuclear plant? Oh yeah...none here EITHER.

The low-light was definitely the amount of deer carnage on the side of the road. Wow, a lot of wasted meat. But, not to worry, plenty of venison was harvested this weekend, judging from the number of vehicles we passed with huge coolers attached. I think a lot of good deer hunting went on this weekend. Most of the little towns had signs saying “welcome hunters” on them.
I was ready to go home. Nice earrings, though. Thanks, Lee.

This was truly lovely vacation. We rested, had fun, and visited folks in just right proportions. But we are ready to be home and see the kids, dogs, and new patio!

As for Ursula, it’s back to the shop, or maybe even shops, to figure out the mystery of the malfunctioning turn signals and slide-out. It’s always something with Ursula! But we had fun, anyway! And other than a bug-filled windshield, she’s a lot cleaner.

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  1. Lesson Learned: Remember to buy fuel in the town where you start. Don't wait until you need it.